PhD or postdoc position at the Asher Lab | Oxygen and Circadian Clocks

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The Position | We recently demonstrated that low-amplitude oxygen cycles, which mimic the daily physiological cycles in oxygen levels observed in rodents’ blood and tissue, can reset the clock in HIF-1a-dependent manner. Moreover, we showed that hypoxic conditions, as occur in sleep apnea, elicit circadian misalignment between clocks in different peripheral organs. We continue our venture to study the cross talk between oxygen and circadian clocks in many different aspects.

If you decide to join us, you will lead a project and develop your own line of research in topics involving the molecular dynamics between HIF-1a and the clock, hypoxia exposure in exercise training, and effects of high-altitude on human circadian rhythms. We joined the team studying circadian rhythms at the highest city in the world, La Rinconada, Peru. (More details at the EXPEDITION 5300 WEBSITE).

What expertise you need? | Students with computational or experimental skills are both are welcome to apply for the position. You are not expected to be an expert in either the circadian field or exercise biology. On the country, a fresh perspective is always welcome in our lab! It is recommended to have some know-how in either bioinformatics, molecular biology, or working with mice. We will take care of filling in the missing gaps, including the relevant techniques and literature.

Why choose us? | The Asher lab has been a leader in the field of circadian clocks and metabolism in animals as well as cell culture, using molecular, genetic and bioinformatic approaches. We work in a friendly and a collaborative spirit. We are equipped with relevant tools and genetic models to ensure rapid progress of the projects. The Weizmann Institute is one of the top research institutes in the world. High-end research facilities and services are available on campus. The Weizmann Institute attracts many students and postdocs from around the globe, and has a very strong international community as a result. It is located minutes away from the vibrant life of Tel-Aviv.

Visit our website for more information and publication list.

If you are interested, please contact us by email with your CV and your research interests: Prof Gad Asher (

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