Post-doctoral Positions – Texas A&M University

Post-doctoral Positions
Center for Biological Clocks Research (CBCR)
Texas A&M University

Multiple funded post-doctoral positions are available in the CBCR. We seek outstanding postdoctoral candidates to work on the following projects in CBCR faculty labs:

Dr. Deb Bell-Pedersen: Determine how the circadian clock controls mRNA translation and translation accuracy in fungi and to use this information to develop treatments to improve translation accuracy during aging.

Dr. Paul Hardin: Determine how phosphorylation-dependent conformational changes in circadian activator and repressor proteins drive interactions that control rhythmic transcription.

Dr. Jeff Jones: Defining the genes, neurons, and circuits that regulate differently-timed circadian rhythms in behavior and physiology in mammals.

Dr. Wanhe Li: Investigating the genetic, molecular, and neural mechanisms underlying chronic social isolation-induced sleep loss and exploring the reciprocal relationship between chronic stress and the progression of chronic diseases, such as cancer.

Dr. Christine Merlin: Characterize the role of the photoperiodic and circadian clock regulated vitamin A in seasonal rhythms in monarch butterflies.

Dr. Jerome Menet: Determine how circadian transcription factors regulate the chromatin environment, nucleosome positioning, and enhancer activity across the 24-hour day.

Dr. Shogo Sato: Determine how the circadian system programs metabolic and epigenetic functions and apply this information to the translational and practical levels.

For more information on projects, positions, funding and how to apply please go to:

Texas A&M University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action/Veterans/Disability employer committed to building a culturally diverse educational environment. Applications from veterans, individuals with disabilities, women, minorities, and members of other underrepresented groups are strongly encouraged.

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