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A Post-doctoral position (PhD) is available in the laboratory of Amir Zarrinpar, MD, PhD, at University of California, San Diego in La Jolla, CA. The lab is interested in the intersection of circadian biology, gut physiology, and the gut microbiome and how the three interact to cause obesity, diabetes, steatohepatitis, dyslipidemia, and other gut‐mediated diseases. We investigate the development of pathology as a dynamic process in a basic science and translational setting.

Specifically, the Zarrinpar lab is interested in the reciprocal interaction between the luminal environment (both the gut microbiome and the content) and the gut and how the two maintain physiological homeostasis and contribute to disease. Functional manipulation of the luminal environment is performed with a novel engineered bacteria platform that allows long-standing changes with a single treatment, essentially allowing us to “knock-in” genes into the gut microbiome to study their effects on host physiological processes. This position will focus on performing metabolic and circadian studies in animal models of type 2 diabetes, obesity, and metabolic syndrome. With the help of the incumbent, the laboratory will be able to study the effects of specific bacterial functions and to test whether functional manipulations of the gut microbiome can lead to therapeutic or diagnostic agents.


  1. Independently design and conduct experiments to characterize the effect of a therapeutic intervention (e.g. microbiome functional manipulation, circadian intervention) on host metabolic phenotype (e.g. obesity, glucose homeostasis).
  2. Propose and prioritize next steps for metabolic characterization and systematically trouble-shoot technical hurdles.


  1. As appropriate, identify, pursue, and implement new technologies to support and expand internal capabilities.


  1. Constructively contribute ideas, suggestions, insights at project meetings and ad hoc regarding functional manipulation of the gut microbiome.


  1. Maintain accurate and detailed records of experimental design and methods as well as experimental results.


  1. Ability to communicate and teach complex metabolic physiological approaches/strategies to researchers in the laboratory.



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