A Tribute to Alexander Borbély – 25 Years of the Two-Process Model


Anna Wirz-Justice, Domien Beersma, Chiara Cirelli, Thomas Pöllmacher, Mehdi Tafti, Peter Achermann, Claudio Bassetti, Thomas Wehr, Christian Hess, Serge Daan, Charles Czeisler, Josephine Arendt, Barbara Parry, Hans van Dongen, Torbjörn Akerstedt, David Dinges, Derk-Jan Dijk, Konrad Bloch, Jim Horne, Irene Tobler, Daniel Brunner, Paul Franken, Tom de Boer, Daniel Aeschbach, Christian Cajochen, Esther Werth, Reto Huber, Hanspeter Landolt, Giulio Tononi

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