Email policy

Policy for requesting e-mail distribution of information to the SRBR membership

November 2014

Reason for policy

Requests for e-mailing information to the membership are made from time to time. The frequency of these requests is unpredictable. While we want to inform the membership about opportunities, we do not want to overburden the membership with too many messages.

Types of messages that will be distributed to the SRBR membership:

Messages that inform the membership of an opportunity or availability of a resource are valuable, as well as some types of announcements. The following are examples of messages that would be of value to the membership.

  1. Messages from the SRBR administration
  2. Chronobiology-related job announcements
  3. Chronobiology-related meeting or course announcements
  4. Chronobiology-related resources (books, equipment, web resources)
Requests for communicating information to members will be classified in four categories:

Immediate: Announcements whose nature is very time-sensitive and requires immediate or very rapid sending to the members. This applies mainly to communications from the SRBR administration, for issues related to the conference, elections, etc.

Monthly: Announcements whose nature is somewhat time-sensitive, such that they could not be held until the next SRBR newsletter. These messages will be sent to membership on a monthly basis on the third Wednesday of each month.It is expected that most announcements belonging to types 2-3-4 (above) will fall under this category.

Occasional: Announcements or communications whose nature is less time-sensitive, and thus, can wait until the next SRBR newsletter.

Not sent to members: Some announcements or communications may be judged to have not enough value for SRBR members to be part of messages or newsletters.

How to request that SRBR send a message to the membership
  1. The request must describe the benefit of the announcement/opportunity/resource to the SRBR membership.
  2.  Messages must contain text that describes the announcement/opportunity/resource and any attachments that will be included.
  3. SRBR and SRBR contractors will not be responsible for writing or editing the content of messages.
  4. Requests should be sent to the SRBR Administrative Coordinator and copied to the President.
  5. Requests must be received at least 5 days prior to the monthly membership e-mail to be considered for distribution in that e-mail, or 14 days prior to the distribution of a newsletter. The SRBR President will approve all messages sent to the membership.