ClockTool is a website for chronobiologists that can be accessed through the members’ portal below (please login to view the direct access link at the end of this page). was assembled by Till Roenneberg to hold and make available the many resources (e.g., publications, analytic tools, historical documents) that were created during the large EUCLOCK consortium (2006-2011).

Here can be found aspects of ChronoHistory

  • Landmarks of Circadian Research
  • Video History Collection
  • Colin S. Pittendrigh Repository
  • History of Rhythms Publications
  • Historical Archives
  • Prizewinners of Aschoff’s Rule
  • Clock References, a repository of bibliographic entries of chronobiologists, and hard-to-access documents such as old manuscripts and PhD theses. So far all available papers of Aschoff and Wever, Pittendrigh, Hastings, Gwinner, Bünning, Engelmann, Daan, Arendt, and Menaker have been collected and scanned.

as well as

  • Clock Images
  • Clock Classes, materials used for Chronobiology-related classes.
  • Clock Links
  • Clock Tools, a repository of software tools used in chronobiology for analyzing and simulating experimental data and producing graphs and pictures


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