Daylight Saving Time Presskit

Daylight Saving Time (DST) is a recurring topic that chronobiologists are asked their opinion about in the media. The SRBR has assembled a collection of resources that is meant to help its members address these questions.

DST Position Paper

The SRBR released a Position Paper “Why Should We Abolish Daylight Saving Time?” that is featured in the June 2019 issue of the Journal of Biological Rhythms. The authors take the position that, based on comparisons of large populations living in DST or Standard Time or on western versus eastern edges of time zones, the advantages of permanent Standard Time outweigh switching to DST annually or permanently.


This infographic was designed by students participating in the BioClock Studio to accompany the Position Paper and depicts the effects of DST and Standard Time depending on the location within a time zone. Click on the image to enlarge the infographic.

Talking Points

Why do we care about DST? Why do we as a scientific society advocate for permanent Standard Time? We offer a reply to these and other important questions in this document.

In the Media

DST and its impact on biological clocks, sleep, and public health has been covered by various newspapers and other media outlets. We have assembled a collection of articles on DST that were written by some of our members.



A list of references to scientific articles that investigated the relationship between DST and sleep, circadian rhythms, and health outcomes. To provide a fair representation of the debate on DST, we include all points of view in the enclosed references.