Chronobiology is viewed as a field of remarkably fast growth in integrative power since its formal foundation in the 1950s. Preserving materials that document this process are therefore valuable for a more general understanding of the generation of new ideas and research fields. On this page, you will find interviews with notable scientists in the field as well as other resources.

Further ChronoHistory materials are available after login to the SRBR members’ site via ClockTool page, a website for chronobiologists that can be accessed through the members’ portal below (please login to view the direct access link at the end of this page). was assembled by Till Roenneberg to hold and make available the many resources (e.g., publications, analytic tools, historical documents) that were created during the large EUCLOCK consortium (2006-2011).


ChronoHistory Videos


Armstrong S
Block G
Carskadon MA
Daan S
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Dubocovich ML
Dunlap J
Elliott JA
Engelmann W
Fukada Y
Gillette MU
Goldman BD
Guardiola B
Hardin P
Hastings MH
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Honma KI
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Johnson CH
Kay S
Kondo T
Konopka R
Kripke D
Levi F
Lewy AJ
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Okawa M
Pavlidis T
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Schwartz WJ
Takahashi JS
Takahashi K
Turek FW
Uchiyama M
Zatz M
Zucker I


Andechs Interviews 2011
Tokyo Interviews 2006


A Tribute to Alexander Borbély – 25 Years of the Two-Process Model

The History of BioClocks – Colin Pittendrigh

On the History of ChronoBiology – Serge Daan

Colin Pittendrigh in his Final Years at Princeton University

Eric Bittman – A Teaching Video on Biological Rhythms

Documentary on Serge Daan by the University of Groningen


These resources were gathered by the Committee on ChronoHistory, chaired by Anna Wirz-Justice (Uni Basel) from 2007 until 2018, and chaired by Till Roenneberg (Univ. Munich) 2018-2020.  In 2016 the members of this committee were: Jo Arendt (Univ. Surrey), Eric Bittman (Univ. Massachusetts-Amherst), Serge Daan (Univ. Groningen), Jeff Elliott (UCSD), Barbara Helm (Univ. Glasgow), Ken-ichi Honma (Univ. Hokkaido), Elizabeth B. Klerman (Harvard Univ.), Bjorn Lemmer (Univ. Heidelberg), Reimer Lund (Munich), Michael Menaker (Univ. Virginia), Roberto Refinetti (Boise State University), Till Roenneberg (Univ. Munich), Jurgen Zulley (Univ. Regensburg). We remain grateful to these SRBR members who generously offered their time and energy to create and collate resources to form our archives. This work was greatly facilitated by an unrestricted educational grant from SERVIER.


Several archives are of interest to scholars of our field.

  • Historical materials from the Max Planck Institute for Behavioural Physiology in Erling-Andechs (“The Aschoff Archive”) can be found in the Institute for Medical Psychology (IMP), LMU Munich. Interested scientists should contact the IMP ( The IMP can provide a workspace for access of the archive, but has no personnel for services.
  • Gwinner archives are in the Bayerische Staatssammlung and Max-Plank Society archive in Berlin.
  • Curt Richter materials are held by the Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions
  • The ClockTools site holds a Colin S. Pittendrigh Repository, as well as an archive of the collected papers from many founding scientists in our field.