Night shift work

Working at night is unavoidable in some jobs in our 24-h society. This type of work schedule can cause problems: workers may be sleepy, fatigued, less alert, and more prone to injuries or accidents. One of the reasons these problems arise is because the biological clock is not adapted to work and perform well at night. The tutorial below is a science-based resource that will help workers to get a better understanding of the effects of night work on sleep and health and learn about strategies that can make it easier to cope with these atypical work schedules.


CARSM Tutorial

This interactive web tutorial was developed by Marie Dumont, PhD, from the Center for Advanced Research in Sleep Medicine (CARSM) at the University of Montreal in Canada. The tutorial is meant for everybody that works nights, either occasionally or full time. It consists of four units that provide information on the effects that night work may have on you and that will help you identify strategies that you may try to apply to your own situation. Click for the English version and French version.