Global Talk Series


This is a unique opportunity for Postdoctoral Fellows and Graduate Students to share and discuss their work with the SRBR community and the wider world.. Over the past two years, connecting professionally has been difficult, from travel restrictions, to parenting duties, to personal health challenges. The rising community of biological rhythms researchers has been particularly affected by these challenges given their career stages. To help to reconnect our community, and share all the exciting work that our junior colleagues have been doing, the SRBR Mentorship and Professional Development committee is launching a “Global Clocks Talk Series” for Postdoctoral Fellows and Graduate Students.

Our goal: to provide an online platform for postdoctoral and graduate scholars to share their work with the wider community of chronobiologists. 

Our plan: sponsor a series of talks by postdoctoral fellows and graduate students over the next 5 months in the lead up to the 2024 SRBR meeting. 

The Format: Bi-weekly online talks that are followed by live Q&A sessions. Talks will be 20min in length (live or pre-recorded) and followed by a 5min real-time discussion session with the speaker. We are aiming to make these as inclusive and interactive as possible, talk times will be spread throughout global time-zones, and talks will be available for off-line viewing by SRBR members (with permission) for at least 14 days. 

Following the talk series, we will select six “People’s Choice” winners from BOTH postdoctoral fellows and graduate students. These six individuals will be invited to present their work LIVE at the 2022 SRBR meeting in Amelia Island Florida. The top placing postdoctoral fellow and graduate student will be invited to present in the actual main meeting, with the runners up presenting in a session at the end of the Trainee Day, which will be open to ALL SRBR attendees (including faculty!). 

Should I participate? We are looking for anyone who feels ready to share some of their research with the community to apply to share their research in a talk. You could be a graduate student starting to think about a postdoctoral fellowship, or a postdoctoral fellow getting ready to take the plunge on the next step in your career. We are aiming to be as inclusive as possible, so if it has been difficult to get to a conference, or you’ve not been able to present your work lately outside of your institution, we want to see your application. We are especially interested in having a global perspective. We want representatives from around the world, and to represent the richness of research questions and approaches that makes our field so incredible.

How do I participate? The application is easy: tell us about your research trajectory, highlight some of the projects you are most excited about, and let us know what you’d like to talk about, including both published and unpublished work. A panel of students, postdocs, and faculty members will select from these applications and invite participants to the series. 

Eligibility: Be a postdoctoral fellow (or similar non-faculty appointment career stage) or graduate student studying biological rhythms at any scale, in any species, and using any technique who is enthusiastic about sharing their science with the wider community. The only other requirement is that you, or your faculty mentor, needs to be a current member of SRBR.

Brought to you by the SRBR Mentorship and Professional Development Committee

Hosts: Dr. Anna-Marie Finger and Dr. Josh Mouland

For more information, contact Dr. Ilia Karatsoreos at