Two PhD Positions in Circadian Chromatin Proteomics Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich

Ludwig Maximilian University,

Two PhD positions are currently available in the laboratory of Maria Robles, Systems Chronobiology, at the LMU Munich, Germany. The Robles group employs mass spectrometry based quantitative proteomics to study different aspect of the circadian clock, the biological pacemaker that regulates daily physiology and behavior. We utilize state of the art quantitative proteomic methods to characterize daily rhythms of protein abundance, posttranslational modification and protein- protein interactions in different cellular and in vivo models. We complement our proteomics methods with a broad range of genomic, molecular and cell biology techniques.

We are looking for independent and motivated doctorate students interested in a multidisciplinary approach to study, in different mouse tissues, daily dynamics of nuclear and chromatin-bound proteomes and post-translational modifications that shape oscillations of gene expression. Our goal is to understand how metabolic compartmentalization across the day crosstalks to the molecular clock in the nucleus/chromatin to drive cycles of gene expression in normal conditions but also under metabolic challenges.

Applicants should have excellent biochemical skills, experience with routine molecular and cell biology and familiar with mouse work. Proteomics, bioinformatics and programming skills are an advantage, but certainly not required. The applicant should be proficient in written and spoken English.

• Funded 3-year position with a salary of 65% of TV-L 13, with a potential extension to 4 years.
• Cutting edge technology and an exciting research project at the interface of proteomics, chromatin biology and chronobiology.
• Close mentorship by a young PI in an international research group.
• Opportunity to be part of the epigenetic/chromatin community (CRC 1064) in Munich.
• International scientific networking and exchange opportunities.
• Excellent scientific environment in one of the top-ranked universities in Germany.

If you are interested, please send your CV, a reference letter and a cover letter describing your interest for this position to Maria Robles ( before 31.07.2021.

Twitter: @robleslab1

To apply for this job please visit

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