Junior Faculty Workshops

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2018 Junior Faculty Workshops
May 12, 2018

The goal of the Junior Faculty Workshops is to foster the growth and success of new faculty through opportunities to interact with more established members in the field. A panel of experienced members of the field will participate in each workshop listed below to provide advice to junior faculty members and answer questions on the issue. Attendance is open to investigators within ~8 years of obtaining a faculty position. Only those who have registered for the Junior Faculty workshop will be allowed to participate in this event.

Schedule of Events

11:30 am-12:15 pm • Clock Networking │ Cumberland Ballroom
This is designed to facilitate interactions through “speed networking” among attendees. Attendees will form small groups and introduce themselves with their “elevator pitch”.

12:30 pm–2:00 pm • Panel Discussion 1 │ Cumberland Ballroom
Navigating the Funding Environment: How to Optimize Your Efforts
Obtaining funding can be challenging even in the best of times. This panel will discuss strategies to optimize efforts to obtain extramural funding. Topics will include how to identify different funding sources, how to target your proposals, and general advice for submitting successful applications.

2:15 pm–3:15 pm • Panel Discussion 2 │ Cumberland Ballroom
Effective Communication Strategies for Research Success.
This panel will discuss strategies for broadcasting your research message. Topics will include: journal selection, how to write a compelling cover letter, when to accept invited talks, how to speak to a nonscientist audience, and strategies for public outreach.

3:30 pm–4:30 pm • Panel Discussion 3 │ Cumberland Ballroom
Managing a Successful Lab: Recruitment, Mentorship, and Conflict Resolution
Recruiting and training junior scientists is an essential skill that is rarely taught. This panel will discuss the management skills needed to grow and run a successful lab. Topics will include how to recruit talented people, how to effectively set the course for your team, how to resolve conflicts, and how to involve undergraduates effectively in research.

4:45 pm–5:45 pm • Panel Discussion 4 │ Cumberland Ballroom
Juggling Research, Teaching, and Service Responsibilities in Academia: Can You Really Do It All?
Even in heavy research-oriented institutions, a faculty member is expected to balance teaching, training, and research. This panel will discuss strategies to help achieve work-life balance.


Resources for Trainees:

Robert Boice Advice for new faculty members

HHMI Resources page
e.g., Entering mentoring, CourseSource, Making the right moves, Writing great letters

NIH/NSF grant writing workbook

Paula LaRocque, The Book on Writing: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Well

Kathy Barker At the helm: Leading your laboratory

Science Magazine “Moving up the Academic Ladder”