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Trainee Day

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Preliminary Sessions for Trainee Day
2018 SRBR Meeting

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Trainee Day Welcome
Trainee Day Chair, Ilia Karatsoreos and SRBR President, Carla Green

Dr. Paul Hardin

Session 1:

  1. Chronohistory Bootcamp 1: History and Basic Concepts
  2. Faculty Job Search: The Good, The Bad, and The (sometimes) Ugly
  3. Teaching Chronobiology: Interactive and Effective Teaching of Chronobiology
  4. Publish or Perish: When, Where, and How to Publish and Review
  5. Experimental Design: Do’s, Don’ts and Good Practice in Chronobiology

Session 2:

  1. Chronobiology Bootcamp II: The SCN: Past and Present
  2. Where to from here? Alternatives to Academic Jobs
  3. Effective Communication I: Working with Social Media
  4. Collaboration: Strategies for Stable Collaboration
  5. Diversity in Chronobiology: Ways to ensure a vibrant scientific community

Lunch + Positive Feeback Looping
“Speed dating” for chronobiologists

Session 3:

  1. Chronobiology Bootcamp III: Molecular Clocks (From Plant to Animal)
  2. Debates in Chronobiology I: Diverse Organisms: Beyond the Mouse Outreach and Broader Impacts; How to get involved with diverse communities
  3. Statistics and Modeling: Novel Tools and Approaches A
  4. The Next Generation: How to find the right Ph.D. program

Breakout Session:
Time to discuss results of Debate I, and Statistics and Modelling A (and other group activities)

Session 4:

  1. Chronobiology Bootcamp IV: Human Clocks and Translation
  2. Interview Tips: Closing the Deal
  3. Effective Communication II: How to (not) Give a Talk
  4. Statistics and Modelling: Novel Tools and Approaches B
  5. Debates in Chronobiology II: Questions and Controversies in Chronobiology

“Back to the Future” Closing Panel
(Panelists TBD, but will include a mix of junior and senior faculty, representing several different model organisms)

SRBR Reception to follow