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The Society for Research on Biological Rhythms is an international society established in 1986 to promote the advancement and dissemination of basic and applied research in all aspects of biological rhythms, enhance the education and training of students and researchers in the field, and foster interdisciplinary communication through the organization of biennial meetings and informal gatherings.

SRBR is dedicated to the international exchange of ideas and global collaboration in science. Through its meetings, journal, and website, SRBR aims to support, engage, and welcome scientists of all nationalities. SRBR advocates for research on sleep and other biological rhythms by informing government leaders and the public about the need for robust funding and other support and its positive impact on the nation’s health and economy. Further, the Society supports efforts by the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation and other federal, private and International agencies to advance rigorous, peer-reviewed science and evidence-based policymaking. The Society for Research on Biological Rhythms (SRBR) is an organization of 1,000 basic scientists and clinicians who study biological rhythms and how they impact health.