Post-Doctoral Researcher – Barnard College

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Post-Doctoral Researcher – Barnard College

The computational neuroscience laboratory led by Dr. Gabrielle Gutierrez in the Neuroscience and Behavior Department at Barnard College is seeking a post-doctoral researcher with an interest in neuroscience at the systems and circuits level. The candidate will participate in an NIH-funded research project based in theoretical and computational methods. They will collaborate on a project investigating information processing in neural circuits. The focus of the project is to examine how neural circuits in the retina maximize coding efficiency by compressing visual information, how circuit-level noise impacts compression, and how the circuitry adapts its responses to counteract noise. The Gutierrez Lab additionally collaborates with other research groups on projects related to vision, circadian rhythms, and Drosophila connectomics.

The position will be available starting August 2023.

Please apply through this link: 

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