Meeting Guidelines

Approved by Executive Committee on February 5, 2010

The Society for Research on Biological Rhythms (SRBR) has a responsibility to create and promote opportunities for advancing the work of its members. Speaking at meetings and conferences is one important venue. The following guidelines have been adopted by the SRBR to achieve diverse representation of the biological rhythms community at meetings and conferences.

All sponsored and non-sponsored events and satellite meetings associated with the annual SRBR meeting will adhere to these guidelines. Organizers of other meetings and conferences to be sponsored, endorsed, or advertised by the SRBR on its Web site or in its publications are encouraged to follow these guidelines.

Please provide a brief statement from the Program Organizer to the Executive Committee indicating how the organizers of your meeting/symposium have addressed the following guidelines or explaining why they could not conform to a particular guideline. This statement is needed before we can list your meeting.

Diversity guidelines
  1. Appropriate representation of women and minorities as invited speakers in relation to their participation in the specific research subfield(s) of the conference or meeting.
  2. A good balance between established and new investigators on the roster.
  3. Attempt for broad geographical representation.
Suggested mechanisms to facilitate compliance with these guidelines
  1. Some of the speaker slots could be open to applicants who submit abstracts. Women, minorities, and young investigators should be explicitly encouraged to apply for these slots. This will provide opportunities for men and women who are not yet well known or who are not acquaintances of the organizers.
  2. If travel stipends are available, some money could be reserved to subsidize the travel of under-represented students, postdoctoral fellows, and junior faculty who might not have adequate resources to attend the meeting. Information about how to apply for travel subsidies should be provided.