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The Society for Research on Biological Rhythms is an international society established in 1986 to promote the advancement and dissemination of research in all aspects of biological rhythms.

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SRBR 2022 Conference Registration & Poster Submissions OPEN

The SRBR Conference is a biennial meeting that gathers hundreds of established researchers, postdoctoral fellows, and students interested in various aspects of biological rhythms. The research presented at the Conference touches upon various areas of chronobiology,...

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SRBR Launches Global Talk Series

This is a unique opportunity for Postdoctoral Fellows and Graduate Students to share and discuss their work with the SRBR community and the wider world.. Over the past two years, connecting professionally has been difficult, from travel restrictions, to parenting...

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Clock blog

Why we should let the sun set on Daylight Saving Time

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recently published a position statement, aligned with the European Sleep Research Society, European Biological Rhythms Society, and Society for Research on Biological Rhythms’ position, calling for the abolishment of daylight...

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Could circadian timing help improve crop protection?

Plant life underlies all of the agriculture that produces our food. Plants including crops have internal clocks that are important for their growth. This might seem surprising, but plants need light to power the photosynthesis that drives their growth, and there is...

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