Out now: the October issue of the Journal of Biological Rhythms

A new issue of SRBR’s flagship journal has been published. As always, it’s a great collection of original research articles and other publications that showcases the incredible diversity of the field of biological rhythms. You can now read about the molecules, cells, and neural networks involved in circadian vision in zebrafish, find out how the circadian clock, light, temperature, and social interactions in fruit flies control daily activity patterns, and discover how network structures improve synchronization between the cells in the suprachiasmatic nucleus, the tiny brain region that contains the central circadian clock. If you would like to learn more about analyzing biological rhythms in your own data, you can read about a new open-source application called RhythmicAlly. Human chronobiology also gets its share of attention: read how induced pluripotent stem cells can be used to investigate the development of circadian rhythms in human cells and discover the relationship between daily patterns in skin temperature and activity of brown adipose tissue in young adults.

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